Year 2

Mr Byron

Welcome to Year 2. The children have settled in amazingly well and started to get back into the routines of school. They have spent the week showing off their fantastic maths and writing skills. It also clear that we have some wonderful curious minds in the class because the children came up with some great questions for our ‘What a Wonderful World!’ topic. We have a lot of questions to try to answer.

We have started hearing the children read and will be putting them in reading groups over the next week and  we will let you know their reading day.

This weekend, why not ask them to sing you the song that we have started to learn. Three is indeed a magic number.



Week 2

This week the children have done some fantastic learning in our topic lessons. We’ve thought about what a continent is and learnt the names of them. (Ask them to sing you the song.) We also made world maps on paper plates and tried to put the continents in the right place.

We took an in-depth look at Australia and learnt some fun facts about the continent. Why not see if you child can remember any of the facts?

As part of our look at traditional tales from around the world, we looked at a Polynesian tale about how the people captured the sun with ropes and a net in order to slow it down and create more daylight hours. The children worked in teams to create ropes and a net out of straws and paper. (We used a large yellow ball for the sun.)The children got into the spirit of team work and made and tested their designs. There are photos to follow once some technical issues are overcome.