Year 2

Mrs Pill


11/9/2017 - 15/9/2017

What a brilliant first whole week in Year 2 we have had! In English and Maths we have been recapping lots of our learning from year 1 this week and everybody has worked hard to remember the skills and strategies we have used before.

This year we will be working on lots of collaborative tasks to help us improve how we work as a team. Through our topic learning this week the children were set the challenge to make nets and ropes strong enough to carry a ball, just like Maui and his brothers did when they tamed the sun. Everybody worked in teams to share out jobs, share ideas and plans and work as a team to create the strongest net and ropes. We were blown away with how well the children communicated with each other and how inventive they were with the limited resources they were given. Well done Year 2!!