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Preparing for The Lion King

With our big performance in sight, Year 3 have been helping to prepare props for The Lion King. Look out for some colourful headdresses during the performance!

First Aid Training

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to be trained by Sarah from St John Ambulance who taught us really important first aid skills. As you can see, we practised tying bandages and learnt how to put someone in the recovery position. We also learnt how to help someone who is choking and how to treat burns and scolds. I was so impressed by how brilliantly you all listened to the advice. What a fantastic life skill to have learned!

Working with Scientists

This week, we had a visit from two scientists from the University of Bristol. They showed us how to work scientifically by taking measurements accurately and testing 

Rainforest Writing

Year 3 have been working really hard on their writing this term. We have written our own rainforest stories based on the traditional tale How Tiger Got His Stripes, created non-chronological reports about rainforest animals and used rhyming words and descriptive language to compose poems about our animals. We visited Year 1 this week to share our writing with them and they were very impressed!

DT Day

We worked in pairs to create vehicles that move using a motor. We learnt how to use a saw safely and how to attach card triangles to make our wooden frame really strong. We were helped throughout the day by Tony, an engineer who designs ejector seats! Have a look below at our progress so far.


Rainforest Creatures

This week we were very excited to receive a visit from a ZooLab ranger where we got to meet her interesting and unusual pets! We learnt about the habitat these animals like to live in as well as how they have adapted to their environment. We were very impressed by the confidence the children showed when handling the different creatures!

Big Arts Week

As part of Big Arts Week, we have created clay fish for a whole school seaside display. We were also lucky enough to work with local artist, Ella Rice, to have a go at printmaking. As well as this, we worked with different teachers and pupils from other classes to create all different types of art work with a seaside theme. We look forward to sharing everyone's work at the Big Arts exhibition!

Terrific Tepees!

For our final Forest School session, we put our den-making skills to the test to build our own tepees. We worked as teams using the materials we were given to create a shelter that we could all fit in. It was quite a hard challenge but there was a lot of perseverance and resilience shown! Thank you to all the adults who have helped at our Forest School sessions for making them so fun and enjoyable!

Visit to Bristol Museum

We enjoyed our visit to Bristol Museum where we got to handled different types of rocks and fossils. We learnt how to identify igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks and examined different minerals and fossils. While we were there, we also enjoyed exploring other parts of the museum. Can you tell someone what your favourite part of the museum was? What did you learn from our visit?

Volcanic Eruptions

This week we enjoyed erupting our volcano models! Can you remember the name of the gas that was created when we mixed vinegar and bicarbonate of soda together? We finished our Extreme Earth topic with a quiz to share some of the interesting facts we have learnt over the term. See if you can answer some of our questions:

Why do volcanoes erupt?

Where does lava come from?

Are volcanoes mountains?

What is the world's most active volcano?

Building Towers

At Forest School this week, our challenge was to use the materials available to build a strong and stable tower. Our towers were then put to the test to see if they could withstand gale force winds and extreme earthquakes!

Investigating Rocks

This week we have been learning about how different types of rocks are formed. Can you explain how igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are made? We looked closely at different types of rocks and designed a fair test to see which would be best for making a kitchen work surface. 

Creating our own volcanoes

This term we have been working in groups to create our own model volcanoes. First, we had to create the basic shape of our volcano using scrunched up newspaper and cardboard. After that we used Modroc to create the texture of the surface of our volcanoes. We are looking forward to painting them and then erupting them at the end of term! Have a look at our progress so far:

Forest School

We have really been enjoying our sessions at Forest School. So far, we have used tools to make wooden Christmas decorations, cooked pancakes on the fire and even learnt how to start a fire ourselves. This week, our challenge was to work as a group to make a den to keep us sheltered from the cold wind!

Roman Day

Wow, you looked fantastic today in your Roman costumes! We started the day by acting out Boudicca's rebellion against the Roman army. We took on the role of different characters to explore how the Roman invasion changed their lives. See if you can spot Roman soldiers, governors, slaves, traders, Celtic farmers and Queen Boudicca herself in our freeze frames! Afterwards we looked at Roman mosaics and had a go at creating our own.

Watch the video below to sing along to the Roman song we have been learning in class:

Safer Internet Day 2018

For Safer Internet Day this year, we discussed what we enjoy doing online and how we can help create a better internet. We also talked about how we can stay safe online and what to do if something worries us. We created posters to explain what some of our favourite online games are. Click on the link below to see some top tips and videos about creating a better internet:

Sharing our games

Well done Year 3! You worked brilliantly this week to complete your magnetic maze games. You used your creative skills and team work to come up with some fantastic designs. Year 1 were very impressed and really enjoyed finding their way through your mazes!

Magnetic Mazes

We have been creating magnetic maze games to help explain to younger children how magnets work. We have started designing and drawing our mazes and are looking forward to sharing them with another class!

Group skills

In Year 3, we are developing the skills needed to work as part of a group. This term, we have focused on the skills of active listening, involving others and showing patience. We tried to put some of these into practice when working on a spaghetti and marshmallow building challenge this week! We had to discuss and agree on our designs and then work as a team to try to build the tallest tower.

Investigating Magnets

In Science, we have been exploring magnetic forces. We investigated whether magnets would attract or repel each other and tested materials to find out whether they were magnetic or not. We also had a go at making compasses by magnetising a needle so that it pointed to North.

Aurora Borealis Art

To finish our polar explorers topic, Miss Santos showed us how to create some amazing art work inspired by the Aurora Borealis. Have a look below at our fantastic creations!

African Drumming

This term we have been learning to play a type of African drum called a djembe. We have practised playing different rhythms and learnt how to change the dynamics and pitch on a drum. Year 2 were very impressed when we performed to them!

Captain Scott

In Topic, we have been learning about Robert Falcon Scott and his expedition to Antarctica over 100 years ago. We found out some of the reasons he and his team were beaten to the South Pole by the Norwegian team led by Roald Amundsen. Click on the picture below to find out more about Captain Scott from the Newsround website.

Non-chronological reports

Having written some super stories based on our class book Ice Palace, we are now looking at non-chronological reports in our English lessons. We read an example non-chronological report all about polar bears and created our own text maps to learn the phrases and vocabulary off by heart. We will be using this to write our own texts about other polar animals in the coming week.

Anti-Bullying Week 2017

We marked Anti-Bullying Week by discussing what bullying is and coming up with ways to help prevent it. We agreed that it is really important to tell a trusted adult if you or someone you know is being bullied. Click on the picture below to watch our anti-bullying lesson again:

School Council Elections

Well done to everyone who put themselves forward for school council. We heard some fantastic speeches, with so many exciting ideas for how we can improve the school. We all got to experience voting in secret using a real-life booth and ballot box. We are looking forward to our new school councillors sharing our ideas at their first meeting soon!

Class Assembly

Well done Year 3 for a fantastic class assembly! You have worked so hard this term and it was lovely to be able to share all the learning you have been doing. You can watch our performance of the Magic Travel Machine below:

Black History Month

This month it was Black History Month. We learnt about Rosa Parks and what she did to help end racial segregation in America. We used a drama technique called Freeze Framing to act out a scene from the story and then wrote our own diary entries. Here are our Freeze Frames of the day Rosa Parks did not give up her seat on the bus and started the famous Bus Boycott:

Dear Year 3s,

Welcome to the Year 3 class page! We hope you all have had a wonderful summer and are excited about coming back to school. We are really looking forward to seeing you all again on Wednesday and getting to know you better over the coming term. We have been working hard to get our new classroom ready and can't wait for you to see it!


Mrs Wright, Miss Santos, Mr Skipsey and Miss Mills

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